Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Perhaps We Better Start From the Begining.

Hello my name is Jon Charles Fassnacht II and I am a Artist. Ever since I could hold something I was drawing. In first grade I was drawing Garfield almost perfectly from anything I saw. In 3rd grade I had teachers begging me to draw Dr. Suess's characters for them. And In 6th grade I was drawing from the pages of Todd McFarlane. When I was in my mid teens I almost had my first comic published. Too bad the company went bankrupt. Soon after I had a comic artist review my artwork and what he said was far from aspiring or even kind. I'll never forget those words " Kid give it up! You will never be a artist. You might as well find another career." Those words haunted me for 5 years until I decided to go to a Tech school and see if I could make some progress. Too bad the school was pretty dysfunctional at the time. I only made it three half a year and learned almost nothing. In the coarse of 11 years after school I have been tied up in working the day job and facing many Demons but still working towards the goal of making it to a professional level of being a artist. As of now I have had well over a hundred rejections and am getting new ones every day. Don't get me wrong I have had a few handfuls of work here and there but most of it was short term stuff. So now I'm back to square one. This blog is here for the struggling artist out there. I'm sure if you are a struggling artist you have studied and mauled over every article, blog, and youtube video you can for tips how professional artist have made it to the big leagues. And that's good. This blog is about the unsuccessful artist who is still struggling. I hope this helps to let other artist see what I do and hope that it either helps them take it to the next level or helps them know what not to do.If you are struggling after reading this I'm sure you realize by now your not alone. Each week I will try to post on how my progression is coming and hopefully one day you will have read that i have made it. Till then take care and stay inspired.

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