Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sacrifices and loneliness of a Struggling Artist

On this late night I'm feeling extra lonely. Being a struggling artist you have to make sacrifices everyday. One big one is juggling money. You may have a day job but art supplies are expensive. Super expensive! Not that some of the cheaper stuff can't work for a while but the better material can really help. Me I look for sales and good buys all the time. I've even lived off Mac and Cheese to buy supplies. Now a none money oriented on is Time! Time is a huge thing and maybe the hardest thing to juggle. There have been many times I have had to stay home from family and friends to work on my craft. I actually think I maybe still single cause I don't have much social life. Like I said BIG sacrifices. Sleep is another thing you will have to give up some of. A friend of mine sleeps less than 4 hours a night and he does comics for a living. There have been days when he hasn't slept at all. On another note not all sacrifices will be for your art. There will come times you will have to sacrifice your art for family, friends, or just events. Which is hard cause if your like me all you want to do is achieve your goal of being a professional artist. And the more time you put in and practice the closer you will be to your goal. I know it's rough to make it in this biz. And it can seem very out of reach. There will be times that you will just feel lost, hopeless, and helpless. But if you hold on to this dream and continue fighting it will happen. Maybe not today, or tomorrow or even a few months from now but someday it will happen. They key is to think of the future and what it will bring. That's all for this week. Tune in next week for my post and hopefully it won't be this late during the week. Till then " This is Jon Fassnacht if you are reading this you are a struggling artist."

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