Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sketchbook Manifesto

This week I wanna talk about keeping a sketchbook. Keeping one is very important to your artistic growth. It's something to practice in and to keep track of your progression. I have referred back to old sketchbooks man times and have gotten ideas from them. I have recently in the last year started going back to old practices and carrying my sketchbook every where. Any extra time I get I put it into the sketchbook. Also if you have it in public you can have people check it out maybe get some critiques. When selecting your sketchbook I suggest getting one that is bound like a book and durable. I would also avoid on that is too big. After all it is suppose to be travel size. I personally carry one that is roughly 8x10. When sketching in your book let the creativity fly don't think everything needs to be perfect. This is a sketchbook after all and besides that's what your other paper is for. After you finish one buy another just keep going with them. i have gotten to where i carve a number on the binding of mine for identification. Remember try to draw in it for at least 30 minutes a day this will help so much in your art. And don't be afraid of trying to draw new things that is what your sketchbook is for is practice. Well that's all for this week check out my new blog every week about a "Struggling Artist."

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